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We hope you’ll share this information with family, friends and co-workers. We are a Discernment Ministry since 1992. Whenever a subject happens that people need to know about, we research it and notify our group to join us in research.

We came across some terrific Youtubes that simply need to be shared.  I heard recently from a teacher that the Mormon Church is losing many members which I couldn’t believe since they keep building Temples all over the world. They have to be visited and cared for by Mormon volunteers. It didn’t seem to add up.

Recently we found out that the Mormon leaders do not want to be called Mormons anymore. They were planning to change the name on all their organizations and hope that will take the name out of people’s memory.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about changes in what’s allowed. I remember years ago when my family participated,  they suddenly allowed people of color to participate which was considered a change in their doctrine.  People of color were from Cain’s genetic line according to what they taught. They were punished by God for Abel’s death.  Cain and Abel were Adam and Eve’s two sons.

Since converts to Mormonism were kept very busy with assignments to a point where their families often felt neglected,  not many people of color joined. 

Mormons tried for years to become part of the Christian mainstream even though I heard originally that was not the case. Joseph Smith Jr. claimed that none of the Christian Churches were correct. He needed to start over with a whole different theme.

Muslims and all other sects were acceptable to the Popes at the Vatican, who have spent many years unifying all religions, Mormons were not among them until just a couple of weeks ago.

The Mormons built a Temple in Rome and sure enough they visited Pope Francis to share the good news. They presented the Pope with a statue of the Mormon Jesus.  The Mormon presidency consists of a number of people and they marveled over the reception at the Vatican.

Mormons believe they are ancestors of two Jewish Tribes, Ephraim and Manassas.  The organization is set up as close as possible to the Old Testament. They practice  the Aaronic and Melchizedek  Priesthoods.   They teach that Jesus comes back to the US, not to Jerusalem. They claim the Temples are for Him.

Homosexuality was unacceptable or so they taught when we were members. We took over a ministry that was run by a homosexual, a former homosexual Mormon of eighteen years who died of Aids at 39 years old. He worked in the Salt Lake Temple as a veil worker. Mormons knew the problem and covered it up. 

Now that former President Obama passed a law that homosexuality cannot be discriminated against,  all the churches including Mormons had to comply.  If Christians do not leave these churches they are considered to be anti-Christ.

Hillary Clinton stated that Christians have to lay down their faith and live by the new laws.  The Mormons are anti-Christ due to their various  practices.  Christians who do not read or understand their Bibles get caught up in their name: “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”  and what they offer.

Mormons are also making changes in the Missionary area.

Internet was a great blessing to all, even if church leaders look down on it. They do not want people to research.  Today many former Mormons share their experiences.  They know how many believers are stuck in this cult not realizing that there is no Mormon heaven with all their relatives. They don’t believe in hell.  They promise heaven to every Mormon.

We praise God that many former Mormons are sharing their stories. After twenty years of serving them, God opened the door to our family and we came out never to  look back.  We blamed ourselves for allowing Satan to rip us off.  God is a disciplinarian like a father.  When we don’t do what He wants us to do, our door is wide open to Satan.  His lessons are painful.   

To cut the strings and start over we got re-baptized.  Mormons try to keep the membership going for numbers.  Baptism made them realize that we were not coming back and erased our membership.

To Mormons who might have read this page, if you are a Christian, God literally walks us through this process of leaving. It takes a couple of years of tears but is well worth it.  All Gentile Believers are the Bride of Christ Jesus, Who gave His life for us at age 33, so we could be completely forgiven.  God knows what we are up against and is merciful.

God bless you with an open heart for the truth,  in Him, Rita Williams,  Cephas Minsitries

Floyd C. McElveen recued me out of the Mormon Church in 1991. I found his little paperback in a Christian Bookstore and his message was undeniably true. He got interested in the LDS Church and researched it before he joined and shared the truth in a way that it was easy to understand.  

Floyd C. McElveen was a graduate of Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He has served as a missionary evangelist, a church planter and pastor, and the national evangelist for the Conservative Baptist Home Mission Society.  He has since gone to be with the Lord.   Praise God for His faithful Servants.

Message of Salvation from Floyd McElveen  – goodnewsforLDS  – Jan 4, 2013

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